The Moment of Alignment
The Third Line, Dubai, 2009

This new body of work by British, Bangladeshi born, artist Rana Begum draws from urban visual stimuli such as the abstract clashes of form and colour that can be seen in the city, and combines them with the traditional repetition of geometric form found in Islamic art.

The work in the show is striving towards this nuanced experience, and whether springing from the spiritual or mundane, it embodies the elements that still interest Begum: form, colour and light. Begum’s work sets out to transform the overpowering associations of urban debasement into something poetic. While patterns and forms found in Islamic Art help to shape the compositions of the work, for Begum the fascination is how these patterns and forms reoccur accidentally, randomly and chaotically in the surrounding environment: road signs, advertising, hazard markings, the structure of these elements all feed into the artist’s recent work.

Six large works form the main aspect of the exhibition, these pieces are made out of box section extruded aluminium, powder-coated black. These black sections hang vertically on the wall; 15 parallel bars. Onto them a second or third colour is sprayed, creating overlaying pattern, applying a new logic to existing form. When standing in front of the work only the black surfaces are seen, traces of the second or third colour are implied by the way the colour bounces off the wall or depending on the visual spectrum. It is this glow that brings these extrusions together and unifies the work creating an ethereal experience.

No.181c, 2009, Spray paint on powder-coated aluminium, 25 x 25 cm_1