Ad Infinitum: The aesthetics of repetition II
Haines Gallery, San Francisco 2005. Ad Infinitum: The Aesthetics of Repetition II, a group exhibition that compares and contrasts distinctive approaches to recurrence and repetition in art. The thread of commonality amongst this wide spectrum of mode and material is the laborious nature of producing many of these objects. Visually prominent throughout the works in this exhibition is the obsessive attention to detail and the painstaking processes required in their making. Many of the artworks use the action of repetition, either through a series of similar images or material. Artists included are Carl Andre, Rana Begum, Omar Chacon, Max Cole, Rob Craigie, Amy Ellingson, David Klamen, Nigel Poor, Alan Rath, Ed Ruscha, Yoshitomo Saito, and Stephanie Syjuco.