Solo show
Galeri Mana 2014
Galeri Manâ is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of London based artist Rana Begum in Istanbul, between the dates 16 September – 18 October 2014. The exhibition will present a selection of the artist’s wall-based and folded metal sculptures with vibrant colors alongside a monumental installation comprised of locally hand-woven baskets, investigating the relationship between light, movement and spatial perception.
Reminiscent of minimalism and op-art, Rana Begum’s works draw inspiration from the abstract collision of colors, forms and movement in our contemporary urban environments. Her tightly controlled sculptural compositions, with repeating geometric patterns and carefully applied colors, explore the reflection of light and engage with the viewer’s movements, offering new color compositions, changing symmetries and forms at each moment of perception. Occupying the entrance floor of Galeri Manâ,
No.545, an immersive sculpture comprised of nearly 1000 locally hand-woven baskets, experiments with the relationship between geometry, light and movement. The sculpture with its multi-domed structure folds and manipulates the natural light that flows into the gallery space, allowing for the viewer to experience their own perceptive process as they move inside the installation. Upstairs, on the second floor, a selection of Begum’s latest wall-based aluminum sculptures comes alive through the interplay of light and reflection, forming new color compositions with each perspective. Alongside these vertically oriented sculptures, a completely new series of freestanding metal works will be presented.
This first solo exhibition of Begum in Istanbul will be accompanied by a catalog featuring an essay by Diana Campbell Betancourt, director of Samdani Art Foundation,  who recently curated the Dhaka Art Summit 2014 in Bangladesh.
There is an implicit performative element in [Begum’s] works, activity and movement are mandatory and the audience therefore becomes a part of the work.
A beautiful and seemingly miraculous part of Begum’s work is that she allows the viewer to see what is not physically there. This ties to a spiritual dimension in Begum’s work which is more clearly seen in the domed basket works, but also very present throughout her entire practice.”
- Diana Campbell Betancour

No.545 installation film by Ian Bartlett


No.545 film by Ian Bartlett

Solo Show film by Ian Bartlett

Images by Ian Bartlett